2010 Public Workshops

Lake Geneva, WI - May 16-18
Lake Geneva, WI - October 24-26
Dallas, TX - November 7-9

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About Us

We are an organization that is committed to fostering the growth of accelerated learning methods and philosophies in training and education.

To do this, we offer workshops in accelerated learning (public and in-house) and provide tools to help speed and enhance learning in organizations.

The Center For Accelerated Learning was founded by Dave Meier in 1980 and since then has prepared more corporate training professionals in accelerated learning than any other organization worldwide. Today author and learning consultant Dave Meier is one of the world's top authorities on accelerated learning as applied to corporate training.

Twenty years ago Dave directed training for a large mid-western manufacturer. He noticed that training was not very effective-because it was all lecture done in stark white classrooms. Although he tried to incorporate some interactive techniques, the company culture wasn't ready for it. In fact, the corporate culture actually was detrimental to learning.

So Dave left that company, striking out on his own with a mission to do everything he could to improve and humanize learning in organizations. That remains our mission today.

Twenty years later, Dave's work has had a huge impact. Accelerated learning methods are now practiced in thousands of organizations in North America and overseas. The total cost savings would be hard to tally, but the joy and creativity this has unleashed could never be calculated.

Dave's Accelerated Learning Training Methods workshop is the vehicle that has brought A.L. to thousands and thousands of trainers worldwide.

We also provide tools to help you improve and speed the design and delivery of training-making the Center the premier provider of accelerated learning materials, software, and other powerful tools.

And now we have established The Center For Accelerated Learning in Europe, based in Germany.

The Center For Accelerated Learning is a family-based business deeply committed to our goals. We can offer you personal service and attention you'd find nowhere else.

The company principals are:

Dave Meier Director, Workshop Facilitator
Tom Meier Co-Director, Product Development, Research, and Marketing
Mark Meier Co-Director, Software Development and Support
Renata Meier Office Manager and Registrar

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