2010 Public Workshops

Lake Geneva, WI - May 16-18
Lake Geneva, WI - October 24-26
Dallas, TX - November 7-9

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Clip Art

Hand drawn art for training materials

  • Handouts
  • Overheads
  • Peripherals
  • Course Materials
  • Pre-class Materials
  • Learning Games

Clip Art

Book and computer disks of over 300 images!

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Bring some pizzazz to your training materials with friendly hand-drawn clip art. Documents with a hand-drawn look are often more memorable than those with standard computer-generated machine art. In fact, a study by 3M indicated that hand-drawn material has a greater likelihood of being read and retained than more "professional" looking documents.

Check out this collection of art from the hand of Peter Janzen, creator of the friendly cartoons in our newsletter collection.

This product contains over 300 images that you can use to make peripherals, handouts, learner prep kits, job aids, and other learning materials. For the Windows PC, $59

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