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The Complete System for rapid course design

Course Builder Staci Reed of II Stanley, an electronics manufacturing company in Pennsylvania, used CourseBuilder to cut 12 hours off a soldering class, saving her company an average of $1,800 each time the course is run. Staci has taught the course six times already, for a total savings of approximately $11,000 or 12 times the initial investment. And, perhaps even more importantly, test scores are up from an average of 70% to nearly 100%. (Staci had no background in accelerated learning prior to using CourseBuilder.) (616) 660-2327

Barbara Callan-Bogia, an independent training consultant specializing in management training, cut her design time in half when she created two courses, Making Decisions in a Changing World and Business Task Force Leader Training. She saved four complete days in design time with these two courses. She says that the programs went over tremendously, partly because CourseBuilder helped ensure that she was teaching to all learning styles. (508) 788-9056

David Hooten of Daimler Chrysler says it normally took a whole team numerous meetings to design a course. Now, with CourseBuilder, he says it has taken one person an hour to come up with the basic outline of a course. (248) 512-0885

Kristine Gernady of Grand Premier Financial used CourseBuilder to transform bank teller training into a lively session where learners teach themselves the content in small groups. Previously, she says, it was taught with lecture, and everyone was bored. Now they teach each other, she says, and the learning and enthusiasm are way up. (630) 691-1818 ext. 307

Randall Wright designed a 6-hour course in 6 hours with CourseBuilder. It normally takes him 20 hours. His program is entitled How to Tell the Emperor He Has No Clothes Without Losing Your Shirt (a class for the Marine Corps on how to support your boss). He reports that it's "enormously successful. CourseBuilder is on my desk, not by my desk", he says. [ (816) 578-4850

Lynn Brown and Jerry DelVecchio of AGFA put together a teambuilding session with the CourseBuilder in only one hour. They managed to cut delivery time by a third, from 8 1/2 hours to 6 hours. They say the new program is all activity-based and gets the learners totally involved. "I don't know how we lived without the CourseBuilder all this time", says Jerry. (201) 440-2500 ext. 4692 Lynn's extension is 4906

Colleen Lawson of IVP Care usually needs a week to design a one-day technical program. But she put together a 6-hour course on a new accounting system in just 6 hours with CourseBuilder. She saved her company four days of her time. She reports that the program is extremely successful. She also designed two additional courses in less than an hour each, an accomplishment that is "unbelievable", Colleen says. (972) 478-6272

Katherine Algood at Grand Casino Coushatta designed a one-day module for casino valets in only 4 hours with CourseBuilder. It normally takes her a week to design a one-day program. And she says that CourseBuilder has made the design process "a lot more enjoyable." (318) 738-7233