2010 Public Workshops

Lake Geneva, WI - May 16-18
Lake Geneva, WI - October 24-26
Dallas, TX - November 7-9

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The Complete System for rapid course design

"CourseBuilder is an excellent tool for course design and would be beneficial for any training department looking to save money by speeding up design and delivery of courses."
Stephanie Moulton, Instructional Designer
Sheetz Corporation

"The combination of the workshop and the CourseBuilder will change my whole work life."
Becky Pins, Trainer
Little Six Corporation

"The CourseBuilder speeds up the design process by giving trainers a structured tool for design that allows them creativity. Another benefit of CourseBuilder is that it can stand alone. Someone can use it who has never been exposed to accelerated learning."
Michele Compton, Training Administrator
II Stanley

"The packaging and the way it's structured is genius. Simple, easy to use. Concepts are presented a variety of ways from general to specific, so that no matter how you like your material structured, CourseBuilder is easy to use. You truly present a smorgasbord. CourseBuilder is also inspirational and motivational. It re-energizes my enthusiasm for trying new things. I get excited about training all over again each time I use it."
Shelly Karns, Training Developer

"An excellent product to speed the design process."
Benoit Savard, Training Developer

"CourseBuilder is the ultimate training tool! It is the vehicle by which AL truly brings training to life. It is amazing to be able to sit and design four hours of top quality training in 45 minutes! I think it is a fabulous tool and makes the design process a lot more enjoyable Thank you for helping me accelerate the learning (and the design time) at Grand Casino Coushatta!"
Katherine Algood, Training Manager
Grand Casino Coushatta

"I thoroughly enjoy it. CourseBuilder has saved me countless hours."
Betty Stiles, Instructor
Moraine Park Technical College

"It helped me. I was a new trainer and didn't know anything about accelerated learning. When we got it, I read it over and I had all kinds of ideas and I designed a class on the spot. This was before I took the Accelerated Learning class. People can tell you things, but I went through the CourseBuilder, and it showed me just how to design with accelerated learning. I really like it. It's excellent. I highly recommend it."
Stacey Reed, Trainer
II Stanley

"CourseBuilder is a great tool. It has cut our design time immensely and improved the end result."
Don Grobe, Trainer
American Funds

"Even though I am an independent consultant I didn't hesitate to spend the money to purchase the CourseBuilder. The time and energy saved by this investment has saved me thousands of dollars already. Thank you for a great quality product."
Barbara Callan-Bogia, Training Developer
Callan Consulting

"The CourseBuilder is excellent. It allows me to quickly develop new exercises for my subject matter."
Nancy Crane, Trainer
Golden Gate Environmental

"It is the most practical, effective training product I've ever purchased. No trainer should be without it."
Katharine Joyner-Adams
Trans Canada Credit Corp.