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Learning in Style is a powerful tool for improving the effectiveness of teaching, learning, and communication for everyone in your organization.


The LIS learning style assessment tool will:

  • enable all learners to play to their learning strengths.
  • help organizations create balanced teams.
  • aid managers and coaches in knowing how to best nurture others.
  • support effective communications throughout the workplace.
  • help create a rich and effective buffet of learning methods that appeal to the full array of learning styles in your organization.



Two Ways to Use the Learning InStyle System for Improving Learning and Communication Effectiveness


1. Personal assessment booklets

Learners can assess their preferred learning style manually using the Personal Learning Style Assessment booklet. Based on that style, the booklet contains suggestions as to what they might do to optimize their syle.

When you purchase 50 or more copies of Learning In Syle, you'll alco receive 101 Activities for Learning In Style, a booklet of learning activities to use in class for each of the four styles.

The Facilitator's Guide for Classroom Administration is also available for use in classrooms complete with full color presentation aids. For those doing new hire orientations, train-the-trainer programs, or any programs where you want learners to take charge of their own learning, this manual will guide you effortlessly through the process.

2. Online Assessment

Learning In Style Online allows individuals to assess their learning style from a website and get immediate suggestions for how they might optimize their learning based on the results.

Here's how it works:

Before a program begins, learners can assess their preferred learning style.

Instructors can then view the results from a group of learners before a training program begins. From this they can plan custom made learning experiences tailored to the unique learning style profile of each group.
(To help with planning, instructors also have online access to 101 Activities for Learning In Style. Also, CourseBuilder users have 415 additional instructional ideas available to them, searchable by learning style.)


How is Learning In Style different from other learning styles assessments?

  1. In addition to discovering their own learning style, users will be given specific strategies they can use to create a personal learning plan based on their style.
  2. It is both on-line and paper-based.
  3. Instructors can use it as a planning tool to create more effective training tailored to the learning styles of each audience.
  4. It is linked to the Accelerated Learning CourseBuilder, a comprehensive kit for designing training programs rapidly using accelerated learning methods. (With versions 4.0 and above, users can now search CourseBuilder and find learning activities based on learning style.)


Learning In Style personal assessment booklet
Pricing is based on quantity.
  • 1-50 booklets: $17.50 per booklet
  • 51-99 booklets: $15 per booklet
  • 100 or more: $12.50 per booklet

For orders of 50 booklets or more, you will receive the Learning In Style Facilitator's Guide and colorful overhead transparency presentation aids. (a $99 value)

Learning In Style Online
Pricing is $10 per user. Quantity discounts available. Call the Center for details at 262-248-7070.
For orders of 50 or more users, you will receive 101 Activities For Learning In Style booklet free ($99 value).

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