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Learning in Style Personal Assessment

Learning In Style personal learning styles assessment is a powerful tool for discovering learning style and planning a learning strategy that uses people’s innate strengths. 

It’s easy and fast to administer. Learners rank a series of statements about learning preferences and then score their answers. They then find out their learning type and are given specific learning strategies and tips to help make the most of their learning.
Making learning SAVI

The Learning In Style system is based on the SAVI model developed by The Center for Accelerated Learning. SAVI is an acronym for the four major modes of learning:

Somatic (learning by physical activity that uses the body in some way)

Auditory (learning by talking and social interaction)

Visual (learning by watching and listening)

Intellectual (learning by reflecting, thinking, and analyzing

The combination of two SAVI modes (or strengths) creates one's primary learning type

  Type 1The Connector   Auditory and Visual strengths.
Learns best by observing and talking
  Type 2The Analyzer   Visual and Intellectual strengths.
Learns best by observing and analyzing
  Type 3The Applier   Intellectual and Somatic strengths.
Learns best by analyzing and doing
  Type 4The Innovator   Somatic and Auditory strengths.
Learns best by doing and talking

The personal learning style assessment contains:

  • The Learning In Style Assessment
  • A scoring grid
  • Descriptions of the four major learning modes and types
  • Suggested techniques for enhancing your learning
  • A Learning Planner for selecting a smorgasbord of techniques to optimize your learning


Learning In Style personal assessment booklet
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