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Lake Geneva, WI - May 16-18
Lake Geneva, WI - October 24-26
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What users of Learning in Style are saying

"The Learning In Style instrument really opened our eyes here at SBC. It brought home the point that the majority of our training was designed and directed toward only one learning style. We are now using the ideas from Learning In Style to ensure that our training appeals to all styles. This has changed the way we design and facilitate learning."
Carla Burns
SBC Communications

"As part of our lean manufacturing processes, we are required to learn new skills and responsibilities at a rapid pace. Learning In Style has helped us accelerated that learning curve. Thank you for a powerful tool that is helping us meet our organizational learning needs."
Michael Ral
Manager of Manufacturing Education & Training
Cooper Tire & Rubber Company

"Using Learning In Style ideas, we transformed our sales training program into an accelerated learning smorgasbord that touches all the learning styles. We are now able to cover more material in the same amount of time and get all learners totally involved. The result? Ninety percent of the sales reps trained this way are making their quotas, compared to only 20% of the new sales reps trained before Learning In Style, when we used the one-dish-meal approach."
Debbie Heiser
Sprint Yellow Pages

"The Learning In Style assessment tool has helped make our Learning-to-Learn program a real success. The response from participants has been excellent. They find the tool easy to use and very informative."
Gary Bean
Ontario Lottery and Gaming

"I use Learning In Style in my teacher training at Head Start. I have found this tool to be very effective. As a trainer, I can deliver information in a variety of ways and am more effective because the training I provide to my learners is individualized to meet their needs."
Renee Thompson-Krogerman
Head Start

"Learning In Style is highly useful because it provides learning and teaching suggestions for each style. Individual learners, learning groups, and instructors can all benefit from the comprehensive, well-grounded information provided by this tool. It is an exceptional resource for both corporate trainers and classroom teachers."
Terri Langan
Fox Valley Technical College