2010 Public Workshops

Lake Geneva, WI - May 16-18
Lake Geneva, WI - October 24-26
Dallas, TX - November 7-9

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AL on Deck
Where your next great training idea
is just a card away
AL on Deck

A creative brainstorming tool
To get you off to a quick start
In creating highly effective
Learning programs

What is it? A deck of 147 giant, colorful cards bursting with activity ideas for getting people totally involved in learning. Included are cards that review A.L. principles and others that guide you in building solid A.L. designs quickly.

What will it do for you? The deck will give you quick ideas to help make your programs more engaging and more effective. Use it to speed your designs, to get fresh inspiration and as an A.L. refresher and training tool. It's all a matter of how you play your cards.

What's it cost? The retail price is $229. Workshop participants pay only $189. Discounts are available for bulk orders.

The giant deck can be used as a stand alone tool to help you generate great ideas for learning activities, or as a front end to the Accelerated Learning CourseBuilder for designing complete learning programs quickly.

Activitiy Card Back Activitiy Card Front
115 Learning activity cards
organized by the 4-Phase Learning Cycle containing creative ideas for getting learners quickly and totally involved in learning
Question Card Back Question Card Front
20 Question Cards
to help you use all the ingredients of the accelerated learning process for a full and effective design.
Overview Card Back Overview Card Front
4 Learning Cycle Overview cards
that provide a summary of the 4-Phase Learning Cycle and a checklist you can use to keep yourself on track with AL design
Principles Card Back Principles Card Front
8 Accelerated Learning Principle Cards
summarizing the major principles of A.L. that you can use both as a refresher for yourself and a teaching tool for others.
AL on Deck Manual
AL on Deck User Guide
Containing suggestions for using the deck effectively.