2010 Public Workshops

Lake Geneva, WI - May 16-18
Lake Geneva, WI - October 24-26
Dallas, TX - November 7-9

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Company Application Results
American Airlines Reservationists Training Reduced training time for a lesson by 50%. Improved retention.
Bell Atlantic Customer Service Training Cut training time in half while improving measurable performance
Chevron Fire Extinguisher Training Reduced training time by 50% while achieving same or better learning
Consolidated Edison Cable Splicing Course Passing rate increased from 30% to 100% in same time
Commonwealth Edison Time Keeper Training Cut class time in half while greatly improving test scores, long-term retention, and student evaluations
Florida Community College Lotus 1-2-3 Course Students learned 75% faster while enjoying the training more
Kodak Electronics Course Cut training time by a third and im- proved long-term retention by 25%
Major US Semiconductor Manufacturer Hazcom and Safety Training Improved measurable knowledge gain by 507% in same time
Nynex Telephone Skills Cut training time by 50% and doubled the learning
Travelers Insurance Medical Claim Benefits Training Cut training time by 20% while improving test scores by 480%
Zurich Insurance Coaching Skills Reduced training time by 75% while achieving better results