2010 Public Workshops

Lake Geneva, WI - May 16-18
Lake Geneva, WI - October 24-26
Dallas, TX - November 7-9

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Accelerated Learning Training Methods

The highly acclaimed Dave Meier workshop
Now in our 20th year!

"This was the best learning experience I have had in over twenty-seven years of training. The workshop was transformational. Thank you for the experience of a lifetime."
Nancy Bassett
Florida Department of Transportation

"I have been totally inspired, motivated, and rejuvenated by this workshop. This has been the very best workshop I've attended."
Juanita McLeod
Johnson and Johnson

"We have been wildly successful in implementing Accelerated Learning techniques in our training. Everyone is excited about it. Management is delighted. We are delighted. And, more importantly, the learners are delighted and can apply their learning better than they ever thought they could."
Wendell Davidson
London Life, Canada

"Accelerated Learning is revolutionary. It has improved learning (and trainer) productivity in our organization immeasurably. The learners are stimulated, liberated, and ultimately more spirited. The Accelerated Learning Workshop and its techniques are triumphant, to say the least."
Terri Schoedel
GE Capital

"An incredible learning experience! I would recommend this workshop to anyone"
Rick Groomes
Com Edison

"Your program stands out from others because of your unique brand of sincerity and concern for the success of your learners. Keep up the good work."
Jerry Sobrowski
Lord Corporation

"This has been the most rewarding class I have ever attended in my career. Dave Meier is excellent. He truly practices what he teaches. He proved that there are easier and better ways to train."
Joanne Meck
Lucent Technologies

"After more years that I care to admit of attending training, this is the first program from which I will keep and value the certificate. This workshop has been more valuable to me than any other program I've ever attended."
Julie Yozakamp
Training Consultant

"I have never seen such professional service from start to finish in any other training organization. The best part of it is that there is no finish. Your follow-up is exceptional."
Warren Clary

"It works. Using accelerated learning techniques on two of our major courses, we have been able to cut training time virtually in half while significantly improving learning and job performance."
Mary Jane Gill
Bell Atlantic

"There's no doubt in my mind that the accelerated learning approach is the ideal strategy for our business. We have achieved immediate and measurable results with the programs we have developed, and we look forward to continue using this approach in the future."
Daphne Fitzgerald
Zurich Canada Group Insurance

"Having endured a number of 'experts' talking about training, this workshop was a wonderful experience of the facilitator successfully modeling a coherent smorgasbord of exciting techniques with an equally stimulating underlying design architecture."
Brol Broglio
GE Capital

"Using the accelerated learning approach to instructional design has helped me drastically reduce the time it takes to deliver training. I've attended lots of professional development workshops for trainers, and it's Dave's handouts, newsletters, etc., that I continue to review again and again. What can I say. It's a great workshop."
Verity Seldon Dimock
Indigo Books, Music Cafe

"This was the best class I've ever taken. I've come away with dozens of ideas to make my training more fun and valuable. In fact, I'm almost overwhelmed!"
Diane Burkard
Ralston Purina

"The workshop energized me as a trainer and gave me lots of new, innovative ideas."
Cheryl Banton