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Accelerated Learning Tips and Techniques

On-line newsletter of great ideas for innovative trainers

Part of our goal in this web site is to provide you with an ongoing supply of accelerated learning tips, techniques and successful applications.

This replaces our now out-of-print newsletter, the Accelerated Learning Application News.

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The first 3 ideas appear in the Accelerated Learning CourseBuilder, a comprehensive kit for designing effective training programs rapidly.

LEARNER PREPARATION - Have learners work together to overcome obstacles to learning

INTERACTIVE PRESENTATION - Instant Roulette Review keeps learners involved in presentations

LEARNING AS CREATION - Learners create a Time Capsule to review and help future learners succeed

ACTION LEARNING - Learners walk through a difficult technical diagram

LEARNER INVOLVEMENT - Baseball review can be used for any topic

LEARNING GAME - New employee orientation at South Carolina Department of Revenue gets learners involved from the get-go

LEARNING AS CREATION - Allied Insurance cuts negotiations skills program in half with A.L.

LEARNER INVOLVEMENT - Chevron cuts class time in half in annual refresher training by drawing the information out of the learners

LEARNER FEEDBACK - Colored cups let learners tell you if they're getting it

PARTNERED LEARNING - As an active review, have people pair up and guess the term the other is describing

PARTNERED REVIEW GAME - Have learners play review hangman with questions they write for each other

CARD GAME - Go Fish! card game helps people learn terms, procedures

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Selected articles from the Accelerated Learning Newsletter Collection

Here are sample articles from the Accelerated Learning Application News. These selections include Tips and Techniques and Successful Accelerated Learning Applications.


COLLABORATIVE REVIEW TECHNIQUES - Review circle gets learners teaching each other

A.L. FAILURE FILE - Dressing up the room without changing the course is simply not enough

LEARNER INVOLVEMENT - Learners create questions at the beginning that classmates answer at the end

COLLABORATION - Saying 'I don't know' can open the mind for learning

LEARNING AND REVIEW GAME - 'Win Lose or Draw' Game show can inspire intense, fun competition and provide a quality review

A.L. CULTURE CHANGE - Winning support for accelerated learning in your world

FOLLOW THROUGH - How to ensure that learning continues even after the course is over

LEARNER PROCESSING - Stop your presentations frequently and have learners do something with the information

LEARNER INVOLVEMENT - Turning out the lights may help learners ask what's on their mind

LEARNER INVOLVEMENT - Learners get comfortable with each other while they build a giant floor model of the learning material

CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT - Learners create a 'Time Capsule' to help future learners succeed in the program



COLLABORATION - Learners teach each other how to handle difficult calls at CIGNA Insurance Call Center

ACTIVE SPORTS THEME - Golf game an active way to review technical procedures at Commonwealth Edison

COURSE THEME - Murder mystery theme at Motorola teaches learners how NOT to kill the customer

MUSIC - American Airlines reduces training time 150% by having learners sing the lesson

A.L. CULTURE - Resource Center helps keep A.L. alive in the organization

COURSE THEME - Jungle theme replaces traditional hospital inservice and cuts the time in half