Resource Center helps keep A.L. alive in the organization

To help fellow instructors stay enthused about accelerated learning, Larry Barnett of Ontario Hydro created Accelerated Learning Alley, a resource center in the training center for sharing ideas.

In the middle of the training center, surrounded by the instructor's cubicles, is a small open area with a round table. Larry brought in a bookcase and filled it with resources: relevant books and magazines, A.L. newsletters, a suggested reading list, visual course maps and other colorful classroom materials created by instructors. Balloons and a colorful Accelerated Learning Alley sign hang from the ceiling.

Larry says it serves as a constant A.L. reminder for instructors. Visitors to the training center can see the department's commitment to A.L. memory.

He has also started Accelerated Learning Luncheons, where instructors meet for lunch in a room set up like an Italian restaurant and share what they have done with accelerated learning. (He says they plan to vary the theme in future luncheons). Instructors can tell each other which techniques have worked and which have not, and help each other brainstorm new ideas.

(January/February 1997 issue)