Chevron cuts class time in half in annual refresher training by drawing the information out of the learners

Curt Last found a way to speed and enhance a mandatory annual class on using fire extinguishers. Instead of the giving learners the usual lecture they heard year after year, he now lets them share their existing knowledge. Class time has been reduced from one hour to 30 minutes as a result.

Curt decorates the training room with equipment and colorful flip charts with learning material on them. After the welcome, he divides the group into three teams. Each team elects a scribe and is given seven minutes to recall and summarize on a flip chart everything they remember from the previous year's class. Then the scribes present their team's summaries to the group. Curt adds any items that learners overlook.

Learners, says Curt, are now involved and valued for what they already understand, and 'hardly know they have been in class at all.'