Colored cups let learners tell you if they're getting it

One of the challenges as a trainer is how to pace a program. You're always wondering how well people are understanding new learning material. Here's a way for learners to provide you with continual feedback as the course progresses.

Provide each learner with a set of three plastic or paper cups that stack over each other-one green, one red, and one yellow. Ask them to place the stack upside down at their table or on their computer, keeping that color on top of the stack that represents their receptivity at any moment. (Green means they are involved and learning, yellow indicates that they are starting to get a little confused, and red means that their learning has stopped for one reason or another and they need help.)

The cups can be used during learning exercises in computer classes or in any situation where people are receiving information from a presenter or a technology-driven presentation.

The cups can also be used to survey learners' agreement or disagreement with an answer to a question or a solution to a problem posed in the class, green meaning 'I agree', red meaning 'I disagree', and yellow meaning either 'I'm neutral' or 'I can't decide.'