As an active review, have people pair up and guess the term the other is describing

People often learn better from a peer than from an instructor, so why not build in opportunities for people to teach each other from time to time?

Write relevant words or terms on index cards, one word per card. Then, after a presentation or learning activity, hand out the cards randomly. Ask everyone to stand up and find a partner in the room (preferably someone with whom they have not been partnered with before in the class).

Ask each partner in turn to take two to five minutes to talk about the word on their card without actually mentioning the word. At the end of the designated time, the listening partner is to guess the word. If he or she does not guess it correctly, the describing partner should give more information until the listener can correctly guess the word.

Have both partners take turns describing and listening. At the end, ask the class how it went. They can share any thoughts or insights they may have gotten. Ask them what they gained through doing this and if they learned more by having to verbalize instead of only listen.

Finally, ask them whether they learned more as the listening partner or the speaking partner. This will help them gain insight into their personal learning style. Suggested by Mary Jean Blaha of M&I Data Services.