Learners create a 'Time Capsule' to help future learners succeed in the program

Ask learners to create something that they think will help future classes succeed in the program (a job aid, a list of tips, positive suggestions about the program, a way to remember a key learning piece, a list of the most important learning pieces, what they liked best/least, etc.) Give them the necessary craft materials for their creations. Each learner or pair of learners should contribute at least one item.

Then have learners put their creations into a cardboard box, a large mailing tube, or some other type of container. On the side of the container write 'Time Capsule', the name of the program, and the date. Each learner can sign the outside of the time capsule.

Next have learners seal the capsule with tape and tell them that it will not be opened until the next group of learners comes through the program.

Use the time capsule as part of learner preparation the next time the program is run. Tell the new class you have a gift for them from the past that will help them succeed. Let them open the container and examine the materials inside. They can use these materials throughout the program as desired.

(July/August 1996 issue )