Instant Roulette Review keeps learners involved in presentations

Here's an idea for keeping learners awake during a presentation by having them participate in instant reviews.

Give each learner an index card with a number on it, giving the same number to two people (or three, if you have a large group).

Tell the learners that periodically throughout your presentation you are going to pull numbers out of a hat corresponding to the numbers distributed to the group. The learners whose number gets pulled have to work with their partner(s) to summarize for the group what was presented in the last interval and share any particular meaning and application value it has for them.

Begin your presentation. At intervals of from five to ten minutes or so, pull a number at random out of the hat and ask that the learners holding that number take five minutes to summarize what was covered in the last interval.

Then put the number back into the hat and continue, periodically repeating the above until finished with your presentation.

This idea appears in the Accelerated Learning CourseBuilder, a comprehensive kit for designing effective training programs rapidly.