Learners create a Time Capsule to review and help future learners succeed

A time capsule, developed by one class and presented to a subsequent class, can function as both a review exercise for the first class and a preview exercise for the second.

At the conclusion of a learning program, ask the class members to create a time capsule for a subsequent class that will encourage them to learn and help them get up to speed quickly. Use your imagination in terms of what the time capsule should contain. Some suggestions are: personal notes from each class member stating the most important thing they've learned, pictogram reviews, positive suggestions, learning tips for the new class, an audio cassette or video cassette (containing greetings, testimonials, overviews of topics, advice about how to get the most out of the class, etc.), peripherals for the room, objects (home made and otherwise) that may have symbolic value relative to the subject matter, poems, songs, and on and on. Place all items in a large box or tube and seal it appropriately.

As an opening exercise at the next class, bring out the time capsule from a "previous civilization" and ask the learners to break the seal and open it. Then have learners share the contents with each other. Then ask learners to share with each other what they found most valuable, interesting, encouraging, and enlightening in the capsule.

This idea appears in the Accelerated Learning CourseBuilder, a comprehensive kit for designing effective training programs rapidly.