Baseball review can be used for any topic

In a customer service class, Tim Barto of Sandy Spring National Bank uses a baseball game to review important principles--a technique that can be used with virtually any content.

Create a baseball diamond on a large sheet of posterboard. Then write questions on 3'x5' index cards. Assign each question a number 1, 2, 3 or "Home Run" to indicate the difficulty of the questions and the number of bases a player can move if he or she gets the question correct.

This review can either be played with individuals or teams. To start the review, give each participant or team a playing piece. Shuffle the deck and have each person or team in turn pick a card and attempt to answer the question. If the participant answers correctly, he or she gets to run to the number of bases written on the card. If the participant answers incorrectly or cannot answer, he or she places the card at the bottom of the deck and picks another card. Three wrong answers in a row is a "strike out."

The winner is the person or team with the most runs after all the questions have been answered. Award prizes to the top three players.