'Win Lose or Draw' Game show can inspire intense, fun competition and provide a quality review

TV Gameshows are often ideal formats for fun review sessions. Robin Brisson of Liberty Bank uses the show Win, Lose, or Draw to help new hire bank tellers review technical aspects of their jobs.

Here's how the game works: She creates a deck of cards. The front side of each card has a category or a topic covered in the training. The back side of the card contains two questions related to this topic. The class is divided into two teams.

The game starts with one person from the first team picking a card. He or she then has to depict this topic in pictures on a flipchart. His or her team members have 30 seconds to guess the topic. If they guess correctly, they get a chance to answer the two questions on the back of the card. They earn one point for each correct answer, so a total of three points are possible each turn.

If the team cannot guess the category within 30 seconds, the other team gets a chance to answer the two questions on the back of the card.

Robin says that the competition is 'intense' but the important thing is that it gets learners actively thinking about the content of the entire program. [ (860) 526-6004

(September/October 1998 issue)