Winning support for accelerated learning in your world

Anne Thornley-Brown of the Training Oasis offers these suggestions for trainers trying to 'sell' accelerated learning to managers and colleagues. 'These lessons from the school of hard knocks have been tested in the real world,' says Anne.

  • Develop a summary of data and case studies about the benefits of accelerated learning. Distribute it to other trainers, HR professionals and senior management.
  • Don't just plunge in. Recognize the fact that some people need time to warm up to new approaches.
  • Complete mini surveys of participant reactions to specific learning activities. Compile the results for distribution to your management team.
  • Organize an internal training conference. Model accelerated learning techniques.
  • Invite managers and employees who provide administrative support to your accelerated learning workshops or conferences. This will give them a sense of what you are trying to accomplish and help you enlist their support.
  • Be proactive. Approach departments like corporate communications, marketing and sales and offer your services to design and facilitate experiential sessions for rallies, conferences, and corporate events. This will give managers and team members first hand exposure to accelerated learning.
    • Call Anne if you'd like to discuss these and other strategies for winning support for accelerated learning. (416) 412-7992.

      (July/August 1998 issue)